You can use content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, accelerating the response to user requests and increasing the response rate. CDN also resolves the delivery latency problem that is usually caused by distribution, bandwidth, and server performance issues. CDN has been applied in multiple scenarios, including site acceleration, on-demand streaming, and live streaming.
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Why CDN?
Provides more than 2,800 nodes covering six continents and 120 Tbps of bandwidth, and supports major ISPs worldwide
High speed
Supports a response time of less than several milliseconds, intelligent connection selection, and a backbone network with 10-GE NICs and SSD storage to ensure the smoothness of content delivery
Supports multiple native features, including horizontal service scaling, customizable console, multiple APIs, and simple architecture scaling.
Supports Pay-As-You-Go and other billing methods to achieve cost effective and high quality content delivery.
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